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The process of ordering of certain products that you wish is simple. Select the products, after you have made the research of market through the various categories, and simple you push, each time, the “Add to cart” that exists under each product. Do not forget, each time where you select an additional product, to push the “Refresh quantities”. Then you step “Complete order” in order to register your choices and you can continue to next step. Do not forget to write right data in the fields so that you can avoid delays or errors. Select the way of payment and do not forget, if you are free professional or company, to inform us for whether you wish an invoice. Then you step the “ Order Confirmation” and you continue in the next steps in order to is completed the process.

If for some reason, you do not want to continue in the completion of your order ,and before you go to  the next steps, it is optional you put in quantities the number “0”, you step the “Refresh quantities” and you return in our  eshop pages, without any problem

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